Medical Devices have to be designed,
and regulated for their interoperability no matter where.
This is what we are working on.

Caresans & Connected Health

Connected health is about a new era of awareness and knowledge that improve the quality of life. The shift towards continuously collecting data about ourselves and our surroundings are changing the perception of healthcare, allowing individuals to operate outside of traditional boundaries where information can be collected remotely without disrupting a lifestyle.

The challenge is to manage these new devices and associated information to empower healthcare professionals to leverage this through common standardized interfaces.

Caresans is working on technologies that reduce barriers of interconnectivity between devices, and to promote commonality and strong interoperability through the adoption of standardized and certified technologies to address the growing needs in the connected health care market.

Enable new products without barriers

Caresans employs a diverse skill set ranging from embedded-to-enterprise software development to custom hardware design and engineering. Our goal is to increase the adoption of new telehealth technologies that leverage standardized technologies.

Our hardware designs and software stacks make it easy for new devices to be interoperable and adopt standardized technologies. This allows medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations to leverage their market positioning and brand to deliver new innovative solutions.