About CareSans

Caresans is a technology startup dedicated to building innovative medical and telecare solutions through the fusion of advanced software and cutting-edge embedded hardware. Our focus is to deliver targeted solutions to innovative and forward looking medical device manufactures, telecare providers, and healthcare organizations.

The CareSans Team

Caresans’ core consists of highly accomplished researchers and talented developers who are at the forefront of their respective technologies. With a diverse skill set in ranging from embedded-to-enterprise software development to hardware engineering and production, our team is focused on bringing innovative technologies to the medical and telecare industry firms.

Our Expertise

Highly integrated medical and telecare products require expertise in all the fields. Through our combined expertise within our company, extended through our network of peers and partners, we are developing the future of medical and telecare technologies that will pave the way to modernize medical devices. In the “internet of things” era, interoperability and connectivity are expected, and we are bringing this to the medical and telecare market to help extend freedoms and enrich the lives we touch.

The CareSans Vision

Today’s medical devices are limited in connectivity to other devices, poor interoperability between various medical instruments, and usability due to complicated interfaces and lack of commonality. This results in a limited application of these technologies in practical, everyday medical usage. Caresans is working to reduce the barriers of interconnectivity between devices, and to establish commonality and strong interoperability through standardized technologies to address the growing needs in this area. Our efforts are supported and backed through joint efforts with other leading major corporations in this field. Our work has been showcased in many of the leading technology and medical trade shows around the world through these organizations, and we are constantly extending our reach to establish new and stronger ties with companies who recognize and share our vision for innovative products.