The Problem we are solving today

What are the problems we are solving today

Many manufacturers already have powerful and reliable sensory devices in the market today. Through the use of our technology, those devices can be adapted to act as data collection devices, leveraging standardized software stacks, and fully supporting interoperability.

We are talking about extending an entire device ecosystem that spreads from specialized hardware for critical environments to TV set-top boxes to include health monitoring capabilities in cooperation with healthcare providers.
To accomplish this, devices, both data aggregators and sensory systems, must use a unified standard communication protocol and messaging system for interoperability, and collected data must be transmitted in a standardized format to remote health management backends in a secure and timely fashion.

While these protocols exist today, implementing these in compliance with said standards and to meet certification requirements presents a substantial entry barrier resulting in high costs of engineering, certification, and time-to-market.
Caresans technologies represent building blocks which may be utilized to substantially reduce these barriers through the use of pre-tested, pre-certified software and hardware modules which are designed to reduce engineering and certification costs, resulting in reduced time-to-market, enabling the adoption of these critical technologies in both existing and new devices.