Data Aggregation Software Stack

Our Data Aggregation Software Stack, as a pre-certified stack, allows the device to be interoperable with other IEEE 11073 compatible devices, as well as allowing communication with backend data servers through an HL7 messaging system.


A common communication layer and protocol is required to manage how Embedded Medical Devices and aggregators exchange data and we adopt ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards (IEEE 10404-10472 devices specializations and 20601 Exchange Protocol) as a reference standardization model for end-medical-devices (Agents) to aggregator (Managers) interoperability. Within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards, our software stack is built on an abstract model to establish logical connections between devices to perform communication tasks.


To handle device to datacenter communication the HL7 messaging protocol was adopted to seamlessly transmit local sensory data to healthcare providers through a secure and standardized method.
The software stack is modular allowing for configurability to support various medical device specializations. The software stack is comprised of:

  • a scalable, pluggable, multi-platform enabling general purpose hardware to fully adopt the ISO/IEEE 11073 spec.
  • OSGi compliant software modules allowing web-based management systems to distribute software updates.
  • modular, in that it can support various physical communication configurations including Bluetooth and Zigbee based communication to medical devices.